Monday, August 30, 2010

anyone watch inception?

Diablo 3 new gameplay

when this releases, i will not see daylight for weeks.

Video Game Review: Mafia 2 (PC, X360, PS3)

picked it up for the PC. let me get straight to the point, it's definitely not what i thought it would be. i can't take anything away from it though. it's very story driven but that's also its flaw. because it's so story driven, it takes away from every other aspect of the game.

the gameplay feels... too recycled. accept mission, go here, kill this guy, come back complete mission. bleh.

that about sums it up. sorry mafia, you get -


Football coming up... predictions, fantasy, etc.

so the regular season is approaching!!! OH MY GAH.

got my fantasy team set up, money is in the pot. im fucking ready. happy to pick up adrian peterson OVER chris johnson. yes, i said it dammit. it's all in the numbers.

CJ has had way too many carries for an RB his age and his size, not only that but historically all but on 3 occasions did running back run for 2k or more yds the next year after doing so. GUESS WHO DID IT?

emmitt fucking smith.

picked up peyton manning, cant go wrong. although i wouldve loved rodgers. motherfucker has been beasting in preseason.

predictions............... fuck, i can't do it. this season is a toss up. many will say 'COLTS GOIN ALL DA WAY YO' but no, there are teams better than the colts this season. GASP.

if i had to guess, i suppose i would say colts vs.... the 'boys? fuck i hope not. im a giants fan. thats blasphemy.

Starcraft 2

currently diamond 1v1, anyone else play? D:


hmm this is interesting. Sup, yo.